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Poker is played throughout the world, but it is most popular in its country of origin, America.

All Poker Rules, your source for rules of poker at one place, will help you understand the rules for poker games. Whether you are a beginner to poker rules or a regular poker player, All Poker Game Rules will help you in playing online or offline poker in a better way.

All Poker Rules, provides you general rules of poker as well as game's specific rules of poker. For example Texas Hold'm poker rules, Hoyle poker rules, Omaha poker rules, Seven Card Stud poker rules, Strip Poker Rules, etc. We also feature rules of Poker Dictionary, where you can have a look and understand the words used in the poker games. You can also play strip poker online at our sites. You just needs to have flash for that.

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Rules of Poker

New to Poker & its Rules? Begin Here!

New to Poker Rules! Start Here!

All Poker Rules also explains variations of the poker games and poker terminology and lingo used in poker games. If you are interested in learning poker by playing or by poker videos and not through reading poker rules, you can play our online poker for real money games. Simple poker rules to play the game online is mentioned in the game itself.

You can also download our poker games directly from our free poker downloads page. All the poker downloads are free. You can play USA poker for money or for fun, as you decide. Each poker download has its own poker rules. Rules of poker for each poker download is explained in the software's help.

Learn the Basic Official Rules of Poker before Starting To Score Big

Poker is a very simple and enjoyable game, and a good professional player can easily earn great money due to this game. Poker has many and different variations which one can play. The famous poker variations which are available to any poker player are No limit Texas Hold'em, Five card stud and Omaha High Low. These are just a few types of poker games that you will find at a casino or your Thursday night poker get together. The rules and regulations of the different types of poker are different as compared to each other. To start these games some basic official rules are described on this website. Be sure to learn and understand them.

Here is a brief run down on each game. You can find more in depth rules by clicking on the links on the sidebar.

The game No limit Texas Hold'em is a game which needs a great amount of skills and a little bit of luck as well. Every player will be dealt two cards referring to their pockets. With the two cards and with the community cards, player has to make the best possible hand with a maximum number of five cards. After making the hand the dealer discards the first card by placing it face down and lays down flop having three cards. Now the betting starts and after betting dealer again discards the second card, than lays down the 'turn' which is the last card.

In the game Five Card Stud, each and every player has two cards one facing up and another facing down. Than the player with the lowest faced up card will make a bet, either a half bet or a full bet of the minimum bet (Minimum bet is set be the dealer before starting the game). The game will start in the clockwise direction and all the players will call on the opening bet. Than they fold which indicates that they can't raise the pot now. The dealer will deal the cards until each player have five cards. When the fourth card is dealt faced up, the minimum bet for the game will be doubled the original bet. After this step the last (fifth) card is dealt faced up and followed the procedure for the final round of betting. In the end the player with the best hand wins the game.

The Omaha High Low is a very famous game that can be played on Full Tilt Poker but you must know that it is a very unusual game as well, especially if you are familiar with the five card stud at the tables. The Omaha High Low is the inverse of the five card stud because in the five card stud the player with the best hand wins the pot but in Omaha High Low player with the lowest hand wins the pot. Actually the pot is divided between the lowest and the highest hand. To win the game one must use the two hole cards and three card to make the best combination of lowest and the highest possible hand. There is a eligibility bar for the lower hand which is that the player's hand must contain the 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 with aces being low or high.